Smart Mobile Workforce

#1 Digital Workforce Engagement Platform
Improved operations with route optimization
  • Plan and optimize field crew route
  • Determine travel times between locations for accurate scheduling
  • Optimize travel time to minimize overhead costs
  • Effectively track and coordinate with the field crew
Effectively schedule and dispatch your work orders
  • Assign work orders at the right place and time
  • Reduce the mean time to restoration
  • Track and manage worker’s time off
  • Auto schedule and assign work orders based on configurable rules
Get a 360° view of your assets in one place
  • Create, search, view and manage assets on the map
  • Manage work orders with effective utilization of assets
  • Easy integration with ArcGIS to link assets with work orders
Quicker outage response time via mobile channel
  • Allows field workers to address outages in the field and complete work orders using mobile devices
  • Provide real-time information to the field workers reducing restoration time
  • Help track maintenance work for both planned & current outages
  • View & update outage details & information through interactive outage maps
Assess damage clearly to increase worker safety
  • Create damage assessment surveys, assign crew, and create related work-orders
  • Determine the impact caused to a location due to a disaster or an emergency
  • Help utilities efficiently collect field in real time
  • Using digital forms Heat maps that highlight the damaged areas of heavy, moderate and light damage
  • Improve the ability to develop initial response plans
Collect and record meter readings accurately
  • Seamlessly capture meter readings from both manual and automated meters
  • Automated route control system for managing meter reading routes
  • Create a reliable and complete view of all customer data to drive operations efficiently
  • Mobile devices provide support to capture GPS coordinates to easily locate customer position
AI and ML based analytical reports
  • Custom workforce reports related to work orders and assets
  • Historical data comparison reports for better decision making
  • Real-time visibility into workforce operational performance and KPIs
Digital training and learning management
  • Easy and efficient access to training manuals via mobile devices
  • Ensure workforce safety by providing real-time access to information
  • Eliminate paperwork and provide easy ways to make training material available in online and offline mode

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